Aloha & Welcome!


Aloha! We are the full-service Business Center at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa. Located in the lobby directly across from your meetings and events and next to Starbucks, we are your best and most convenient source for business related activities during the AMOS Conference.

Please visit us or contact us:
Telephone: (808) 214-1924
More information on this location can be found
• Large Format Poster Prints (SPECIAL AMOS RATES!)
Full color high-resolution presentation/technical posters on gorgeous glossy media can be printed right here on-site in advance and ready for you upon arrival, or we can print them after you arrive as well. Avoid the hassle of shipping or bringing yours on the plane! We can print in very large sizes up to 42" (3.5-feet or 106cm) in height by nearly unlimited lengths. Typical poster-board sizes are 4-feet high X 8-feet wide (48"X96" / 122cmX244cm) so we can print sizes to nearly fill this space (and more, or smaller of course too. STANDARD POSTERS UP TO 3'x3' ARE JUST $99 EACH & 3.5x3.5 ARE JUST $129! Just email us your files and you're done!

At the conclusion of the event, we can also provide shipping of your posters via FedEx or UPS and have tubes in stock just for this!
• High-Speed Internet Workstations & Printing
Available at all times of the day and night, we have multiple desktop PCs running Windows 7 Professional and loaded with Microsoft Office 2010 Professional and more! Printing is available to both high-speed B/W and Color printers, up to 11x17 on a 24-hour basis. All PCs have CD/DVD drives, multiple media card readers, web cams for Skype access, etc.
• High-Speed Color Copies, Document Scanning & Fax
Our multi-function Canon 5255 produces color and B/W copies and prints at over 50 per minute, even in color, with sizes up to 11x17/tabloid. Additionally, we can scan to PDF or JPEG to either a USB/Flash drive directly or to an email address of your choosing, or even copy to a CD. Fax service is also available.
• Convenient Shipping & Supplies via FedEx & UPS
With daily weekday pickup by both FedEx & UPS, we can provide return shipping of your meeting materials as well as gifts and luggage. A variety of box sizes are available, as well as large tubes for shipping presentation posters.
• Business & Technology Rentals (15% OFF for AMOS)
We carry Maui's largest inventory of business and technology equipment for rent. Whether you need a PC or a laptop, a cellphone or a printer, we have same day availability on most items. See our Rental Equipment section for more information. Mention AMOS to get your special 15% AMOS Discount on rental equipment.
• Wi-Fi - Free Hotspot Connectivity
We have a Wi-Fi connection that is available outside our Akamai Business Center on a 24-Hour basis. Select the Akamai Free Wi-Fi network to begin.


Mahalo and we look forward to being of service again this year!